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At Solstrand we invest in the latest environmental technology – as we have done since the 1980s, when we started using the fjord as a heating resource. In 1986 Solstrand was one of the first hotels in Norway to invest in heat pumps to harness ocean energy. The hotel currently has 3 heat pumps that produce 800 kW worth of heat from Bjørnefjorden. This is sufficient to heat the entire hotel without producing CO2 or other toxic fumes.

We are actively working to reduce energy consumption, produce less waste, and reduce water usage and pollution.

Since spring 2010 we have been certified as an Eco-Lighthouse – a certification that commits us to continuously seek out better environmental solutions, and makes focus on the environment a natural part of our corporate culture.

In June 2012 we were very pleased to achieve energy label B, especially considering our historical building. Read more about it in Horecanytt and VVS aktuelt and at the Eco-Lighthouse website.

Eco-friendly food

Since 1896 we have served local cuisine from the sea and fjords of Western Norway. We work closely with our local suppliers and take pleasure in everything that we can offer from Fjord Norway's own pantry: fish and seafood, venison, lamb, cheese, berries, vegetables and herbs.


Solstrand composts all food waste, which has significantly reduced our transportation needs. Global Enviro has partnered with us to further develop its food grinder to be able to handle Solstrand's seafood shells and bones from our local favourite – lamb. We use the compost as a natural fertiliser in our 12.4-hectare garden.


Solstrand collaborates with its suppliers to reduce unnecessary and non-environmentally friendly packaging.


"Reduce, reuse and recycle" is our principle. We recycle all waste, and use a press for cardboard and residual waste, and a glass crusher.


Solstrand was among the first hotels in Norway to use electric cleaning trolleys and eco-friendly washcloths, reducing our use of chemicals for cleaning to a bare minimum. For dishwashing we predominantly use eco-labelled detergents.

In our wellness department the need for disinfectants has been reduced to ¼ of the Norwegian industry standard by using self-cleaning sand filters, UV rays and activated charcoal.

All pool disinfectant is prepared on site through water and salt electrolysis. We avoid transportation and work with dangerous goods.

The buildings

The buildings, with a main house built in 1896, are weatherised and most windows have been replaced with energy-efficient glass.

The materials

The materials used at the hotel are predominantly natural materials such as stone, wood and wool in textiles, blankets and floors.


Since 1986 we have used the key cards to control the lights in our hotel rooms.

The pool

The pool pumps are only operational when there are guests in the pool. This reduces energy consumption by 27.000 kWh every year. 70 per cent of the flush water used in the pool is ultra-filtered and recycled as bathing water. This reduces our water consumption by 3.000 m3 annually. Water-cooled engines give heat to the bathing water in the pools and reduce our energy consumption by approximately 17.000 kWh per year.

Natural experiences

Solstrand encourages its guests to try bathing in the fjord at any time of year, and offer guests the use of the wooden boat Oselvar and sea kayaks. We have a beautiful Coastal Path for walks in the area and also provide bicycle rental.

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