Food & Drink

White tablecloths. Lit candles. The fjord and the mountains right outside. The stillness descends around the table: fresh fish and shellfish from Bjørnafjorden and the sea. Lamb that has grazed along steep mountainsides. Fruit and berries from lush fjord branches. Life along the coast inspires us, and the season’s produce determines the menu.


Monday-Friday 07.00-10.00

Saturday and sunday 07.00-10.30

Welcome to a breakfast table with friut, fresh bread and quality cheeses. We serve warm and cold dishes, ham and cheese from Fana, apples and juice from Hardanger and eggs from the neighboring farm. Good morning!

Evening menu

Each night the kitchen presents a three-course menu based on the season and its offerings. Mountain, fjord and sea are at the core of everything we serve. We like to impart new flavors, just as the traders and mariners have always done.

Drink menu

Our sommelier and restaurant manager, Tomas, recommends wine for our daily evening menu. In the drink menu you will find other selected wines, local beer, cider and a good selection of non-alcoholic options. Should you prefer vintage wines, you will find these in our cellar menu.



Monday-Friday 12.00-14.00

Saturday and sunday 13.00-15.00

For lunch we serve a nice and healthy three-course menu which varies with seasonal ingredients. The menu consists of a light salad, main course and dessert.

Light Dishes


Outside of the set mealtimes we happily serve light dishes in the sitting rooms or garden.


Creamy fish soup

Shrimps, white fish, fennel, carrot and asparagus Served with bread and butter
Allergen:fish, celery, shellfish, wheat

Club Sandwich

Sour dough bread with Livèche chicken from Østfold, bacon from Vossakjøt, chipotle dressing and grilled paprika Served with sourdough bread
Allergen:egg, wheat, milk

Baked and stuffed squash – vegan

bulgur, pumpkin and paprika sauce
Allergen:wheat, celery

Angus Burger from Idsø in Rogaland

Cheddar cheese, salad, pickles and roasted potato
Allergen:wheat, milk, egg

Locally produced green salad from Toppe in Bergen

Mango, avocado and bulgur. Served with carrot bread and vegan butter
Allergen:wheat, sulphite, celery, sesam. Bread contains: wheat, rye, barley

Locally caught fish

Today’s selection of vegetables and sauce
Allergen:milk, celery, wheat, sulphite, shellfish

Cheese- and ham plate

White goat cheese from Hallingskarvet, Norwegian cured ham and sausage, olives and quince marmalade. Served with walnut bread and butter
Allergen:milk, wheat. Bread contains: wheat, walnut, rye seeds, sesame


Shrimp sandwich

Mayonnaise, cucumber and lemon
Allergen:shellfish, wheat, egg

Smoked trout from Hjønnevåg with scrambled eggs

Capers and chives
Allergen:milk, wheat, egg


Solstrands homemade caramel flan

Whipped cream, caramel sauce and fresh berries
Allergen:milk, egg

Solstrands Success cake

Served with currant and chocolate
Allergen:milk, almonds, egg

Confectionery cake

Passion fruit sauce and vanilla ice cream
Allergen:milk, wheat, walnuts, egg

Children’s menu

Baked salmon

Sour cream, carrot, broccoli. Mashed potatoes and melted butter
Allergen:milk, fish

Mini burger with fries

Salad with tomato and cucumber. Ketchup
Allergen:milk, wheat

2 scoops of vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce

Allergen:milk, egg


Juice or vanilla ice cream with chocolate


Those native to Bergen and Western Norway have celebrated special occasions at Solstrand for several generations. We assist in facilitating a memorable stay – and perhaps the beginning of your own tradition?

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Unfortunately not. The food service is reserved for our hotel guests and day spa guests.

In addition to breakfast and lunch, we serve a nightly three-course meal. Here you can choose between meat, fish or vegetarian options. Outside of these set services, you can order light dishes in one of our lounges.

Get in contact with us as soon as possible before you come so we can find a solution for you.

You will also be satisfied and have a pleasant dining experience. We always have alternatives to meat and fish for vegans and vegetarians.

Breakfast is served:

  • Monday–Friday: 07.00–10.00
  • Saturday and Sunday: 07.00–10.30

Lunch is served:

  • Monday–Friday: 12.00-14.00
  • Saturday and Sunday: 13.00-15.00

The dinner service has seatings between 19:00 and 20:30 every day.

The hotel bar is open:

  • Monday–Thursday: 17.00–00.30
  • Friday and Saturday: 17.00–01.00
  • Sunday: closed