Facial treatments

Cleansing, relaxing massage, nourishing masks, exclusive ampoules and skin care products. Give the skin a new glow.

Solstrand’s Signature Facial Treatment 

Duration: 80 minutes
Price: 1820 kroner

Our recommended and most exclusive facial treatment. The therapist analyzes your skin and uses customized products from Marine Caviar or Correcting Line. Marine Caviar is adapted for mature skin, while Correcting Line is suitable for all skin types.

Relax your shoulders while we treat your face and soothingly massage your hands, feet and scalp.

The treatment includes:

· skin analysis
· cleansing
· multi-acid or enzyme peel
· acuLift face massage
· face mask including ampoule
· scalp and foot massage

Nordic Facial Treatment

Duration: 50 / 80 minutes
Price: 1120/1520 kroner

This is a classic facial treatment which cleanses and moisturizes the skin. We customize both the products and the treatment method to your skin type. You can expand the treatment with an ampoule, extended face massage, extra mask and a foot massage.

The treatment includes:

· facial cleanse and peel
· face mask
· scalp massage while the mask works
· 80 minutes: ampoule
· 80 minutes: extended face massage
· 80 minutes: foot massage

Golden Moments

Duration: 50 minutes
Price: 1520 kroner

A truly relaxing treatment for the face, hands and feet. The treatment is especially suited for sore and swollen legs, such as those with pregnancy-related discomforts.

The treatment includes:

· hand massage
· facial: cleansing, mask and massage
· scalp massage
· foot: bath, scrub and massage

Facial with facial massage

Duration: 50 minutes
Price: 1120 kroner

Although we are grounded in the Nordic tradition, we draw from therapeutic practices from around the world. Gua Sha is a relaxing face massage which has been used in traditional Chinese therapy for over 2000 years. The products we use are both vegan and organic. This facial treatment stimulates blood circulation and can have a firming effect on the skin.

The treatment includes:

· Facial cleanse and peel
· moisturizing face mask
· Gua Sha massage with jade stone (face and scalp)

Facial with shaping and tinting of eyebrows and lashes

Duration: 50 minutes
Price: 1120 kroner

A purifying and moisturizing treatment. Tinting of lashes and eyebrows alongside a gentle brow shaping.

The treatment includes:

· facial cleanse and peel 
· moisturizing face mask
· tinting of lashes and brows
· gentle eyebrow shaping