Treatments for mom to be

We offer several treatments specially adapted for mothers during the waiting period. Lower your shoulders and relax with our treatments for pregnant women.

Mom to be

Duration: 80 minutes
Price: 1680 kroner

Relaxing treatment for moms to be. The products used are approved during pregnancy. This treatment will provide deep relaxation for both body and soul. It can also relieve tensions, anxiety and stress.

The treatment includes:

· body scrub
· warm body wrap with aromatherapy oils
· purifying facial
· massage

Nordic Facial Treatment moms to be

Duration: 50 / 80 minutes
Price: 1220/1680 kroner

This is a classic facial treatment which cleanses and moisturizes the skin. We customize both the products and the treatment method to your skin type. You can expand the treatment with an ampoule, extended face massage, extra mask and a foot massage.

The treatment includes:

· facial cleanse and peel
· face mask
· scalp massage while the mask works
· ampoule (80 minutes)
· extended face massage (80 minutes)
· extra mask (80 minutes)
· foot massage (80 minutes)

Golden Moments for moms to be

Duration: 50 minutes
Price: 1220 kroner

A truly relaxing treatment for the face, hands and feet. The treatment is especially suited for sore and swollen legs, such as those with pregnancy-related discomforts.

The treatment includes:

· hand massage
· facial cleansing
· face mask
· face and scalp massage
· foot bath
· foot scrub
· foot massage